What does it cost?

Une Dizaine de Chansons costs £42.00 for a site licence, allowing schools to install the files on the network server and/or on teachers’ individual laptops or desktops. Please note that this is a reource for the interactive whiteboard, either Promethean running ActivPrimary 2 or later, or Smartboard running Smartboard 9.5 or later. Installation is simple and takes a few seconds as the songs are reproduced as a Flipchart for Promethean boards or a Notebook for Smartboard. Simply copy the file onto your system and open it as you would any other interactive whiteboard file.

To order please email: richard@unedizainedechansons.co.uk clearly stating whether you need a Smartboard (Notebook) or a Promethean (ActivPrimary) version. Please also be sure to include the name of the person placing the order and the name and the full postal address of the school to which the songs are to be sent. You will receive a CD containing the files within 2 weeks of your request, with an invoice for £42.00 + p&p.

If you have any questions about the product please feel free to email me at:


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