Une Dizaine de Chansons

Ten original songs to support the teaching of French to young children. Written by Richard Winston, Primary Foreign Languages Consultant for Lewisham and Greenwich for the past four years. The songs are simple and short. Content is derived from the early stages of learning French and the song lyrics help to teach basic, everyday routine language.

Songs are delivered via the interactive whiteboard and are available in both Smartboard (Notebook) and Promethean (ActivPrimary) formats.

French songs title Smart French songs title promethean

Lyric content and song titles include:

Days of the Week - Les Jours de La Semaine

Months - Les Mois de l’An

Parts of the Body - Tapez les Mains

Pets - As-tu un animal?

Greetings - Bonjour Monsieur

Classroom Instructions - Sortez de la Classe

Home/Family - Dans la Banlieue de Paris

Numbers - Un, deux, trois

Clothes/Weather - Mes Vêtements

Alphabet - L’Alphabet français

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